Am I Eligible?

Your eligibility for Australian migration requires a detailed review and professional assessment of your circumstances.


In our extensive professional experience, a consultation is the most effective way to determine Australian migration eligibility.

Our professional practice when advising clients about life-changing decisions ensures all relevant circumstances are considered, with a client's full understanding of what is involved.

We do not provide generic advice that is non-specific and potentially inappropriate to a client's circumstances.

Your consultation with us may be either in person, by telephone or Skype or a combination of these media.

Consultation Fee

Our consultation fee is AUD$400 inclusive of all taxes, surcharges, levies and administrative fees.

The consultation fee includes:

  • preparation for the consultation, reviewing your information and documents and necessary research of complex and constantly changing Migration Law
  • consultation with you discussing migration eligibility, options, timelines, costs to formulate a Strategic Plan for your successful migration outcome.
  • follow up and necessary additional research after the consultation.

You are assured of a thorough and professional migration assessment of your eligibility, options, strategies, timelines and costs.

If you wish to proceed with a visa application, we will provide a Fee & Service Agreement detailing fixed professional fees, costs and timings involved.  

The consultation fee can be credited against professional fees in respect of the same matter.

Professional Obligations

Before commencing work for a client a Registered Migration Agent is required by law to provide the client with a copy of the Consumer Guide.

Australian Immigration Law

Australian immigration law is a complex and constantly changing area of expertise.  If you are interested in becoming more informed about immigration law you may wish to follow the website links listed below. 

This non-exhaustive list of immigration-related links is for your convenience only, and the list is not intended to infer some special relationship between Strategic Migration and the listed entities or sites. 

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