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  • Temporary Work Visa (subclasses 482 and 457)

Businesses chasing foreign workers under new 457 visa win LinkedIn backflip

Australia's immigration rate to fall again as work visa approvals drop

Labor plans to triple cost of temporary work visas to ensure Australians are hired first

Firms stung by visa fees in battle to fill the gaps - The Australian

  • Partner

Partner Visa Scandal - 80,000 Partner Visa Applications Backlogged

Dutton’s own department just contradicted him on visa price hikes

  • Migration Law Changes

Frequent' changes in migration rules sour migrants’ Australian dream

Fate of migrant families hangs in balance due to law change

Residents are abandoning Australia at record levels according to new ABS figures


Unreasonably Delays

Australian citizenship approvals have been dramatically reduced

Queues for migration and citizenship get longer and longer

The most common reasons for Australian citizenship refusals

Hopes diminished for those older generations to call Australia home

Citizenship delays due to national security, bureaucratic stuff ups_ Minister


The politicisation of English language proficiency, not poor English itself, creates barriers

Citizenship changes_ Government may introduce ‘conversational English’ test instead of IELTS


Audit Report: Immigration and Customs merger can't prove promised benefits

$10 million splurge to rename Australian Border Force

Australian Border Force College blasted by official report

Australian Border Force cancels plans to patrol Melbourne CBD as part of antisocial behaviour operation

Report: Border Force merger fails to bring savings and beset by problems

Top official's 'golden rule'_ in border protection, computer won't ever say no

  • Privatisation

Immigration policy by stealth

Privatisation by stealth 

  • Immigration Policy

Unions and business groups unite to oppose cuts to immigration

Government's immigration tweak sees overseas Asians out, integrated Kiwis in

Industry brands Australia's 10% migration intake drop 'disappointing'

Regional Australia 'victim' of populist migration cut, key industry figure says

Tough Vetting cuts migrants - If population declines so do returns

Skilled visa squeeze set to dip migration intake to lowest in eight years

Liberal Dean Smith says lower immigration would give Australia 'time to breathe'

Peter Dutton contradicts Morrison and says migrant cut positive for the economy

  • Border Control searches of mobile devices

Can airport authorities search your phone or computer?