Family Visas

Applicants qualify on the basis of their family relationship to an Australian or eligible New Zealand relative sponsor in Australia and may be eligible for the following visa categories:

  • Partners being either Spouse or De-facto Spouse (including same sex partners)
  • Fiancés or Prospective Marriage
  • Child
  • Adoption
  • Orphaned Relative
  • Carer
  • Aged Dependent Relatives
  • Remaining Relatives
  • Carers
  • Parents


"Philip Summerbell and his team at Strategic Migration made our dream to live in Australia a reality. We came across Philip by way of referral and we thank our lucky stars every day. Philip and his extensive knowledge of the Australian immigration system gained our family permanent residency in Australia, which would have been tricky for us if we didn't use his services. There is no doubt that our current circumstances would have been different (and most unfavourable) if it wasn't for Strategic Migration. They gave us 5 star service all the way!

"Like most trying to achieve a successful immigration outcome, we found the world of immigration confusing and even scary. We were concerned that we would not be able to continue building our lives together in Australia, that our baby girl would miss out on growing up here and how this could affect her future, and that we would need to close our successful business and start over again in the UK.

"Luckily we were referred to Philip Summerbell of Strategic Migration. He secured our future here in Australia via a spouse sponsored visa and made the process so quick and easy. But most importantly, Strategic Migration allowed us to live our dream and comfortably got us through an extremely stressful period of our lives. We wouldn't recommend using anyone else!"

Danny & Vesna
Ashfield, NSW in 2010 now happily growing a family and a family business in Sydney.


All applicants are required to meet skill, health, character and other requirements to ensure their entry to Australia is in the interests of the Australian community.

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Disclaimer: This website contains information relating to some of the abovementioned visa categories and has been sanctioned by a Registered Migration Agent. The information is for general guidance only and readers should obtain appropriate professional advice relevant to their personal circumstances before taking any action. Strategic Migration expressly disclaims any liability should the reader act without a professional engagement with Strategic Migration under which you have paid professional fees for immigration advice or assistance.