Strategic Migration is a specialist migration practice with a dedicated team of Migration lawyers and professionals with over 30 years professional experience.

Academically and professionally trained migration lawyers and professionals are able to discern different factual circumstances, identify the particular migration law issues involved and subtly direct an appropriate migration law response and strategic outcome.

Strategic Migration ensures the academic and professional training of its specialist and experienced migration lawyers and professionals is managing your migration application, avoiding a migration service that becomes a mere information gathering and form filling procedure.

Specialist migration law experience is not only informed by skilful legislative interpretation but risk, case and file management skills, efficient communication with client, employer, expatriate employee, Department of Immigration and Citizenship and third parties and an understanding of the personal and business risks and complexities.

Philip Summerbell

Principal Solicitor
Migration Agent Registered Number 9896806
B. Juris LLB (University of New South Wales) / B. Theol (United Faculty of Theology, Melbourne) / Dip. Ed (University of Melbourne) / Graduate Diploma in Community Development (RMIT University, Melbourne)

Philip is the founder and Principal Solicitor of Strategic Migration having worked for large professional services firms for over 10 years and for boutique immigration firms for 8 years. He specialises in corporate, skilled, business, partner and family migration, concessional Resident Return and Citizenship applications.

Philip is a Registered Migration Agent, and a member of the Immigration Lawyers Association of Australia, the Migration Institute of Australia, the Law Society of NSW, the Law Council of Australia, the International Bar Association and Law Asia.

His experience in property, commercial and immigration law spans more than 30 years as a solicitor in both Sydney and Melbourne. He is admitted to the Supreme Courts of New South Wales and Victoria as well as the High Court of Australia.

Fees and Costs

Transparency and predictability of professional fees and costs is essential to our client relationships. We provide this commitment in writing and in advance to all clients.

Our professional fees are fixed — no time cost fee charging. It is essential you are able to phone or write to us at any time about your immigration needs without the fear of the clock is ticking away with every six minute increment.

You will always know the cost of your immigration requirements.

Strategic Migration is flexible about fees and invoicing. We cater for clients who require a high level of service, fast and frequently paced service, compliance driven service, a single flat fee or a fee within an agreed range of services.

We can invoice flexibly at agreed milestones during an application or weekly, fortnightly or monthly and we can disburse funds on your behalf to settle statutory fees and charges and third party costs.

Clients make no sacrifice when they choose Strategic Migration as they pay professional fees favourably compared to the high cost of specialist legal services as well as other non specialist, non professional service outsourcers and migration providers.

A Strategic Approach

Over 30 years professional practice in Australian migration law highlights the vital importance of Strategic Migration - shifting the initial focus from the immediate problem or presenting issue onto a long term strategy for a successful migration outcome.

Australian immigration law is constantly changing, increasing complex and compliance focused and driven, prone to opaque process and procedures, with many and varied client and third party variables and permutations.

At Strategic Migration our approach of being proactive and perceptive, anticipating, communicating with and managing the expectations of all parties, and navigating a successful outcome in a predictable, timely, efficient and cost effective manner with as little discomfort and inconvenience to all concerned as possible.

Strategic Migration improves a client’s prospect of success in presenting them in the best possible manner, lodging their application at the optimum time and place, or in making a series of strategic and incremental applications to position them for a subsequent and successful application and outcome.

Strategic Migration enables the client to benefit from candid advice about their prospects of success and where they may receive the very best advice and assistance.

Strategic Migration is the value clients discern and crave and differentiates leading Migration Specialists from other migration providers.

A Strategic Plan

A Strategic Plan is essential to ensure the client is successful and is achieved by:

  • A thorough review of the client’s circumstances;
  • an experienced understanding of the Department of Immigration and Citizenship’s Policy Guidelines, imperatives and procedures;
  • thoughtful planning ahead not only in the staging and preparation of the application, but also around the complex maze of Migration Regulations;
  • and anticipating Regulatory changes trending in policy interpretation and procedures.

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